Switch to smart weeding!

Organic sustainable farming that provides a higher yield with less manual labour?

...and using herbicides / glyphosate is no longer needed

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The 'Weed Whacker' robot recognizes both the weeds and the crops. The delta arm reaches out to the weeds to grind it, so your crops have the best start possible.

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Why choose Odd.Bot's Weed whacker?

Better for the planet and your wallet

More yield

By removing the weeds quickly and already at an early stage, your crops get more space to grow, improving the yield.

100% organic

The robot does not use any chemicals and does not damage the crops. The robot takes over the manual weed removal.

On Demand

No steep investments, pay as you go. You decide when the weeding needs to take place and we take care of the rest.

Save time

Get more work done with less manhours. The robot can be utilized an extra hand, so you can focus on the more important tasks.

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