Smart & Sustainable Weeding!

Exact Plant Specific.
The Weed Whacker robot provides a higher yield with less manual labour. Reducing and eventually eliminating the need to use any chemical pesticides used as herbicides.
For a flourishing future.

Autonomous Mechanical In-Row Weeding

Why choose Odd.Bot's Weed Whacker?

Better for the planet and your wallet

More Yield

By removing weeds at an early stage, crops get space to grow, which improves yield.

100% Organic

The robot does not use any chemicals and does not damage the crops.

On Demand

Pay as you go. You decide when the weeding needs to take place, we take care of the rest.

Save Time

Get more work done with less man hours. The robot takes over manual labour.

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A global challenge needs a bold solution

A common practice for farmers is to use chemical herbicides to kill weeds.
The global market of herbicides is around $26 billion annually.
The regulation will force farmers to pivot towards a more sustainable approach.

Team believes that only a disruptive robotic solution can tackle this challenge.
With our Weed Whacker we aim to save more than 170.000 liters of chemical herbicides in the next seven years.

Our Robot-As-A-Service is cost competitive. Therefore, we will not only bring the solution for a more sustainable farming culture, but indirectly will also provide more people with healthy food at reasonable costs.

Weed-killing robots threaten the business models of giant chemical companies

MIT Technology Review - Erin Winick

Not the farmers but the robot will get their hands dirty. 80% of the farmers want more innovation.

MFM Brabant - Theo Theewissen

Odd.Bot robot takes on herbicide free weed elimination

Future Farming - René Koerhuis Precision Farming Specialist

Partners & Supporters

Employment agency for robotics, to performing crop protection

Akkerwijzer - Ruud Jacobs

The Weed Whacker is innovative and has the potential to contribute to a more sustainable agricultural sector

POC Fonds Flevoland - Ger de Bruin

The solution direction that Odd.Bot chooses has a lot of potential. It is about a correct and smart combination of detection, decision making and actuation on a robot platform

Lector Precision agriculture Aeres University of Applied Research and Senior Scientist Precision Agriculture, Weed science & and crop protection Wageningen University and Research - Corné Kempenaar

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