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Robots instead of glyphosate

Jan 11th 2020
"The Odd.Bot Weed Whacker is intended to represent an alternative to chemical weed killers such as glyphosate: the robot drives autonomously over cultivated areas and, thanks to image recognition, can distinguish between crops and unwanted sprouts. The robot removes everything that is not acceptable in the field using a mechanical gripper arm."

Roboter statt Glyphosat: Odd.Bot jätet Unkraut

Jan 11th 2020

CES shows us a future with flying cars — but can’t avoid the reality of climate change, pollution and war

Jan 10th 2020
(EN) Washingtonpost / Tech
"Multiple companies, including John Deere and Odd.Bot, are working on weeding technology to help farmers use fewer chemical herbicides."

Nederlandse startups in Vegas: van programmeertrein tot tuinrobot

Jan 9th 2020
(NL Video) RTL Nieuws

Duurzame Nederlandse robotoplossingen naar techbeurs Las Vegas

Jan 6th 2020
(NL) Holland Robotics

Meet The Hague's impact innovators

Nov 4th 2019
(EN) The Hague's impact innovators
(NL) de impact-innovators van Den Haag

Nominatie voor Rabo Duurzame Innovatieprijs

Jul 3rd 2019

Greentech is changing: 6 innovative green Dutch startups that you need to know about in 2019

July 2nd 2019
(NL) Business Telegraph

Deze 6 groene start-ups maken kans op een half miljoen.

Jun 28th 2019
(NL) Sprout

Postcode loterij Green Challenge

Jun 27th 2019
(EN) Postcode loterij Green Challenge

SingularityNET X-Lab Shortlist

Jun 17th 2019
(EN) SingularityNET Blog

Testrobot wiedt onkruid bij Nagele

May 11th 2019

Robottechniek tegen onkruid gaat boer geld en tijd besparen

May 8th 2019
(NL) PoCfondsFlevoland

Odd.Bot test autonome wiedende robot

Apr 15th 2019
(NL) Reformatorisch Dagblad

First weed bots common sight within 10 years

Feb 7th 2019
(EN) Future Farming

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