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Recruitment, consultancy and/or secondment agency?

Werving, consultancy en/of detacheringsbureau?

Dankuwel voor uw interesse in ons Odd.Bot, en we begrijpen dat jullie willen optreden als intermediair om te helpen onze vacatures in te vullen. Alleen is onze werving niet ingericht om dat te faciliteren, wij zoeken namelijk altijd rechtstreeks contact met al onze kandidaten. Dit betekent dat alle ongevraagde profielen worden behandeld als directe sollicitaties.

Job positions

Do you want to join our multidisciplinary team and tackle the challenge of designing a novel agricultural robot? Then read the open job positions below and apply!


Hands-on Project Manager for Technical Development

Do you consider a high tech startup an interesting and challenging working environment? Are you eager to be part of a complete new development for agri robotic applications? Do you want to add to safe and healthy food for everybody? This might be the perfect opportunity for you.

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Sr. Mechanical Designer

We are seeking an experienced Sr. Mechanical Designer who can analyse the construction of the current robot and work with the rest of the team on the next version. In this position you will have to design and test improvements for the robot, as well as make proven prototypes ready for mass production.

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Sr. Mechatronics Engineer

We are seeking an experienced Sr. Mechatronics Engineer who can analyse the dynamics and control software of the current robot. The main goal is to make our robot remove weeds faster, more effectively, and as robust as possible. A part of this process will require you to go to the fields and work on the robot directly. You must be able to estimate the risks, costs, and development time of any suggested improvement, and you need to communicate efficiently with our Mechanical and Software Engineering teams and suppliers.

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Sr. Software Engineer

We are seeking a Sr. Software Engineer to ensure our development code can easily evolve into production code. This position will include analysing our current setup and codebase and suggesting and implementing improvements to make it more robust. Additionally, considering it’s all about the robot, you will at times work with the robot directly on the field. You will have to analyse its performance in the real world and determine improvement points. Once found, you should be able to communicate the action points effectively to the software team and others, and make accurate estimations of the required development time.

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Robot Network Engineer

We are seeking a Robot Network Engineer that enables all our hardware components to communicate flawlessly and securely. Our communication network is part local between the components on the robot itself, as well as online, sending data back to our servers. This position will include keeping a detailed overview of connected components and dependencies between, as well as evaluating and improving the current setup.

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Odd.Bot Sales Representative wanted

Sales and Field Manager

We are looking for a Sales and Field Manager who can pitch our weeding approach to farmers in the Netherlands and abroad. We intend to revolutionise organic farming in all of Europe, and we realise this will require some convincing. We will need someone who can effectively transfer our belief in our weeding robot to others, and who can find out where and how we can most effectively reach new customers, as well as maintaining client relationships, conducting product demonstrations, and supporting the deployment and operation of robots during peak seasons (weeding season).

Read more & apply

Terms of employment (for all job positions):

  • A competitive salary
  • 27 paid vacation days
  • Pension contribution
  • Choice between overtime and time for time.
  • Possibility to work from home
  • Flexible working hours
  • Training budget

Internship positions

We are seeking enthusiastic students looking for fully supported and exciting internships! Below you can read about the vacant intern positions, and click on the apply button if you feel you could be a match!
Please note: currently we are only accepting EU-citizens and/or students at an EU-university

Laser removal of weeds

We at Odd.Bot aim to remove weeds using environmentally friendly solutions, currently we mechanically grip and remove the weeds with a robotic arm. But we are also looking into quicker, more efficient methods in which laser removal is a promising concept. The student would develop concepts for a subsystem which can point a laser beam at the location of the weed determined by our machine learning algorithm. Securing accuracy, robustness and safety in a moist and harsh environment would be the main challenge to tackle.


Crop health detection

Odd.Bot’s current implementation focusses on autonomous crop and weed detection to mechanically remove the latter. The assignment would include research into which data to collect and using which sensors to allow crop health monitoring. Think of photosynthesis, water content, fungus or disease detection using for example UV or infrared cameras. The student can use the results from this research to order hardware and write preliminary code that extracts this data and test it on different kinds of plants. If time allows, it can even be implemented on one of the current Odd.Bot prototypes.


Field testing

Each year we produce and test more advanced versions of our weeding robots. This internship concerns controlling and overseeing robots on the field, recording and reporting their performance. Whilst on the field, interviews with farmers and other stakeholders could also be conducted. Then, based on your experience you can then join the conversation on how to best improve the robot for next season. If time allows, research into crop health and soil compaction could also be part of this internship.


You will be in great company

See what previous interns have to say about Odd.Bot!

During my internship at Odd.Bot I developed a program that estimates soil moisture using publicly available data. This allows the Odd.Bot team to optimize their planning regarding the deployment of their robots to the field of the clients. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I had to work independently from abroad, but with the feedback and help from the team when needed, I created a useful tool for Odd.Bot whilst I learned a lot regarding agriculture and software development.

Álvaro García - Automation intern (2021)

Working with Odd.Bot has been a great experience for me, even during the pandemic. I have had a lot of freedom to work independently on very interesting and diverse projects and there was always support there when needed.

Steve Howard - Mechatronics Intern (2020-2021)

During my internship at Odd.Bot I was assigned to design a novel plant gripper for the robot. The other Engineers gave me plenty feedback but also allowed me to operate independently. This taught me a lot about the development of a complex robot as well as teamwork. The gripper I designed and built turned out to be a valuable asset for Odd.Bot and after my internship the team hired me to continue developing new grippers and other parts for the prototype.

Nivard Koenis - Mechatronics Intern (2019), Jr. Mechatronics Engineer (2020- present)
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