Robot Network Engineer

We are seeking a Robot Network Engineer that enables all our hardware components to communicate flawlessly and securely. Our communication network is part local between the components on the robot itself, as well as online, sending data back to our servers. This position will include keeping a detailed overview of connected components and dependencies between, as well as evaluating and improving the current setup.


Tasks and responsibilities

  • You determine the reliability and security of our current network communication, and implement improvements.
  • You prepare the network backend for scaling up to larger production numbers.
  • You assert what features are missing and implement them in a robust and scalable manner.
  • You take part in determining the priority and order of future developments.

At Odd.Bot we realise that reliable connectivity from remote fields will be a hurdle not easily taken, but it’s challenges like these that drive us forward. We want to convince the whole world that our robots can live up to the expectation. Do you want to become our ally in our ambitious mission?


  • University degree in relevant field (Dutch: HBO or higher).
  • At least five years of relevant work experience.
  • Works independently with strong organisational and analytical skills.
  • Functions well in a multidisciplinary team.
  • Analytical and constructive mindset.
  • Experienced in network connectivity, technologies, protocols, and security
  • Skilled in tools to test and debug network interfaces
  • Proficient in software development and the programming language Python
  • Fluent in English.
  • Not afraid to get their hands dirty.
  • Able to communicate technical information to non-technical people and vice versa.
  • Experience with agile working environments.
  • Preferably experience with SSH, TDD, ROS and cloud computing
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