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Hands-on Project Manager Technical Development

Do you consider a high tech startup an interesting and challenging working environment? Are you eager to be part of a complete new development for agri robotic applications? Do you want to add to safe and healthy food for everybody? This might be the perfect opportunity for you.


The Minimal Viable/sellable Product is ready and with your help, we like to finalize the season 2023 plan in which our teams work with farmers, suppliers, and partners to create the blueprint for the first 0-series.

Location: Rotterdam
32 - 40 hours/week

Job description
Odd.Bot is an agri tech start up company working on a weeding robot. Odd.Bot has invented and developed a robot for chemical free weeding for farmers. Recently, Odd.Bot managed to raise over € 2.6M funding from the EIC (European Innovation Council) and another €400K from Eurostars. Both projects, next to our other development program, need to be managed to get all deliverables within time and budget. Odd.Bot has a small multi-disciplinary and -lingual team of jr and sr mechatronics, software, and mechanical engineers. Currently the team is 5,5 fte but needs to grow within a year to 10 fte. A lot of challenges and a lot of opportunities!

Your tasks
As project manager you will:

  • Source information from all disciplines and departments as input for creating roadmaps and the company strategy plan, and next to this ensure this process runs smoothly. Once created, you will convert this into objectives, key results and KPI’s.
  • Debrief, document the project outline and scope and the choices made.
  • Address and highlight challenges.
  • Organize sprints and retrospectives.
  • Be responsible to organize, coordinate and plan all project activities: time, money, quality, organisation, information to management and stakeholders and risks.
  • Plan all test- and demonstration activities together with our application manager and support those activities in the field (dirty hands!).
  • Organise, facilitate and control all actions necessary to let your team work smoothly; e.g. arrange transport.
  • Be involved in the production set up for industrialisation: contacting suppliers, determine make or buy decisions, etc.
  • Outlines the internal processes.
  • Actually execute work in at least in one of the disciplines: mechanical, mechatronics or software

Your profile

  • At least 1 to 2 years experience in managing development projects
    (you will be coached to grow your project management capabilities).
  • A Bachelor’ or Masters’ degree in a technical or agricultural field (Dutch HBO or university).
  • Experience with or eagerness to work in agile working environments.
  • Strong organisational and analytical skills.
  • Strong in communication to both technical and non-technical people and able to weigh the interests of multiple stakeholders.
  • Are familiar with the full development life cycle.
  • At least 1 to 2 years working experience as mechanical engineer, mechatronic engineer or software
    engineer. Knowledge of Inventor, MatLab or Python is a pre.
  • Fluent in English. Dutch is a pre

We offer

  • Salary range € 2850 - € 3500 with 8% holiday allowance
  • 27 paid holiday days
  • Certificates for co-ownership in the company.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Pension

About Odd.Bot
Odd.Bot is a fast-growing startup with a mission to weed without the use of herbicides and without manual work in order to contribute to a safer food supply and a better environment. Organic farmers are not allowed to use chemicals when growing crops. There are also increasing restrictions for conventional farmers when it comes to controlling weeds with herbicides. To solve their mounting troubles, Odd.Bot developed the Weed Whacko. This robot can weed in so-called high-value high-density crops: crops with a high yield that grow close together, where up to now the only organic way to remove weeds is the old fashioned way: manually removing them one by one. A prototype of the Weed Whacko was successfully tested last season at a number of farmers in the Netherlands. Farmers are very interested. Odd.Bot now faces the challenge of continuing this innovation into a successful series product and growing into a successful company. A major challenge for which we need good people who can and want to think and work at all levels. Oh yes, working is sometimes on the field during the season, so you can get your hands dirty.

Recruitment & selection agency, consultancy and/or secondment agency?

We appreciate the interest, but we are seeking all our candidates directly. We understand that you, as an intermediary, want to present the candidates with our great positions and thus contribute to our ambitions, but this is not how we have organised our recruitment.
This means that all unsolicited profiles offered on Odd.Bot's job postings will be treated as direct applications.

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