Agronomist / Field specialist

We are looking for an Agronomist who can help us see the weeding process from the field’s perspective, to support the innovation at Odd.Bot. Your technical input and arguments will be of important value to support your colleagues. This position will include determining how we can more effectively remove weeds, as well as better mitigate damage to crops and soil. You will combine your agronomic expertise with your knowledge in agricultural machinery to support the team for engineering and testing activities. You will also set up and carry out various research about the robot performances in the field. Understanding the impact of the changing environment and weather conditions on the performance of the robot will be of great importance. On top of that, the Agronomist Field specialist will have interest in understanding the needs of the clients and farmers thus to support the decision making during strategic phases of the product development process.


Tasks and responsibilities

  • You assess and evaluate the performance and side effects of the robot in the field by making test plans and carrying out field trials, in order to acquire knowledge for product development.
  • You coordinate the research that is needed for a particular crop.
  • You take care of the quality and reporting of the field tests.
  • You maintain contacts and work closely with the end users of the robot.
  • You represent Odd.Bot in the set up usergroups and are available for technical questions and meetings.
  • You constantly keep an eye out on the latest trends and technologies related to the organic farming business.
  • You participate in farming trade shows and exhibitions.

At Odd.Bot we are aware of the fact that every plot, every crop and every grower or horticulturist is a different challenge, but it’s challenges like these that drive us forward. We want to offer tailor-made solutions that enable the farmers to become more innovative. Do you want to become our ally in our ambitious mission?


  • Degree in agronomy, or long-term organic farming experience (5yrs+).
  • Affinity with machinery and robotics.
  • Experience with organic field research or similar experience is an advantage.
  • Works independently with strong organisational and analytical skills.
  • Functions well in a multidisciplinary team.
  • Not afraid to get their hands dirty.
  • Able to communicate technical information to non-technical people and vice versa.
  • Not afraid to solve problems outside their comfort zone.
  • Excellent knowledge of English (writing/understanding/speaking) and Dutch.
  • Affinity with the product development process is appreciated.
  • Technical/commercial feeling and good communication skills.