Sales and Field Manager

Do you find a high-tech startup to be an interesting and challenging work environment? Are you eager to be part of a completely new development in agricultural robotics applications? Do you want to contribute to safe and healthy food for everyone? Then this might be the perfect opportunity for you! Do you want to become our ally in our ambitious mission?


Location: Rotterdam
Hours: 32 - 40 hours/week

Job Description
Odd.Bot has developed a robot that can weed without using chemicals. This robot is now ready for extensive field testing. The 2024 season will be used to demonstrate full functionality to organic farmers and a demonstration program will be set up for this purpose. In addition, all final field tests must be conducted.
We are looking for a Sales & Field Manager who can decide upon a sales and marketing strategy with the CEO and pitch our weeding approach to farmers in the Netherlands and eventually abroad. We will need someone who can effectively transfer our belief in our weeding robot to others, and who can find out where and how we can most effectively reach new customers.
The sales & field manager at Odd.Bot is skilled in maintaining client relationships, conducting product demonstrations, and supporting the deployment and operation of robots during peak seasons (weeding season). Additionally, the role includes troubleshooting minor issues and managing accounts (farmers).

Your Tasks
• You are responsible for the sales of the first robots in Q3/Q4 of 2024
• You initiate and maintain contacts with farmers in the Netherlands and abroad.
• You investigate how to gain customers in current and potential new markets.
• You talk with farmers to assess their wants and needs and communicate these back to the development team
• Planning, organizing, and executing the demonstration program, both in the Netherlands and to a lesser extent abroad (Germany, Belgium, and France).
• Planning, organizing, and executing all robot performance tests in the field. This involves creating test plans, completing all field trials, and reporting.
• Representing Odd.Bot and working closely with all end-users of the robot. Additionally, setting up a UserGroup to gather application data and robot performance metrics.
• Coordinating comprehensive research if a new crop is to be weeded.
• Organizing and conducting market research aimed at identifying trends and technologies related to (organic) farming and finding innovators and early adopters.
• Providing product and company presentations upon request (domestically and internationally) and participating in trade shows and exhibitions on behalf of Odd.Bot.
• You are responsible for driving marketing activities to enhance the company's visibility and engagement.

Your Profile
• Master’s or Bachelor’s Degree in relevant field (Dutch: HBO or higher).
• At least five years of relevant work experience. Knowledge of organic farming is a plus.
• Works independently with strong organisational and analytical skills.
• Is commercially skilled and can drive business growth.
• Functions well in a multidisciplinary team.
• Affinity with the agricultural sector.
• Affinity with machinery and electronics.
• Creative mindset.
• Strong communication skills regarding technical and non-technical issues. You “speak” the language of the farmer.
• Willingness to work in the field when necessary (getting your hands dirty) and solving problems outside your comfort zone.
• Knowledge of the product development process is a plus.
• Fluent in Dutch and English.
• Is friendly, fun and cheerful

Our Offer
• Salary range €5.000-7.000 (depending on experience and age) with an 8% holiday allowance.
• 27 paid vacation days.
• Share certificates in Odd.Bot.
• Flexible working hours.
• Pension plan.

About Odd.Bot
Odd.Bot is a fast-growing startup with a mission to weed without the use of herbicides and without manual work in order to contribute to a safer food supply and a better environment. Organic farmers are not allowed to use chemicals when growing crops. There are also increasing restrictions for conventional farmers when it comes to controlling weeds with herbicides. To solve their mounting troubles, Odd.Bot developed the Weed Whacko. This robot can weed in so-called high-value high-density crops: crops with a high yield that grow close together, where up to now the only organic way to remove weeds is the old fashioned way: manually removing them one by one. A prototype of the Weed Whacko was successfully tested last season at a number of farmers in the Netherlands. Farmers are very interested. Odd.Bot now faces the challenge of continuing this innovation into a successful series product and growing into a successful company. A major challenge for which we need good people who can and want to think and work at all levels. Oh yes, working is sometimes on the field during the season, so you can get your hands dirty.

Recruitment & selection agency, consultancy and/or secondment agency?
We appreciate the interest, but we are seeking all our candidates directly. We understand that you, as an intermediary, want to present the candidates with our great positions and thus contribute to our ambitions, but this is not how we have organised our recruitment.
This means that all unsolicited profiles offered on Odd.Bot's job postings will be treated as direct applications.

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