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FIRA 2024

Revolutionising Organic Farming: World Debut of Fully Autonomous Weed Detection and Removal Implement

Press Kit 2024


Revolutionising Organic Farming: World Debut of Fully Autonomous Weed Detection and Removal Implement

Hannover, Nov 12th 2023 - In a historic breakthrough for the agricultural technology (agritech) sector, an innovation to redefine organic farming was unveiled to the world at AgriTechnica. This pioneering development, a fully autonomous implement capable of detecting weeds in-row, even in high-density crops, and instantly removing them mechanically, marks a major leap forward in the quest for sustainable, chemical-free weeding solutions in organic farming.

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Photos & Logos

Click the button below to get the latest high resolution pictures and logos of Odd.Bot and our weed-removing robot: "Weed Whacko"

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European Innovation Council support

Odd.Bot, the innovative start-up that focuses on developing robots for weed removal, has received additional funding of EUR 2.6 million from Europe through their EIC Accelerator instrument.
This investment will be used to bring the 3rd prototype, the 'Weed Whacko' robot, to market. This unique robot uses advanced sensors and AI technology to remove weeds in an efficient and environmentally friendly way, without the use of chemicals.

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